Electric Cars: What You Should Know About Servicing


As a combustion engine is absent in fully electric cars, they require a different set of maintenance requirements and presumably fewer maintenance expenses. The items that would likely need maintenance, now and then are: • Tyres• Brakes• Lights• Wipers• Tracking• Suspension• Cabin air filter• High-efficiency particulate filter• Brake fluid• Air conditioning• Winter care Even these ….  Read More

Is a Hybrid Right for You?


Hybrid cars made their debut, in the UK, 20 years ago and yet you would still be in the majority of people who have never driven one. With legislation slowly cracking down on fuel emissions, some people are starting to wonder if now is the time to possibly switch to a hybrid. Here are a ….  Read More

Car insurance auto renewal

Car insurance can be a huge cost for many motorists. If you are a young male with no no-claims-discount then you can often expect to pay the highest premium. Why you take out your car insurance, it often has a term that states the policy will automatically renew after 12 month, unless you contact them ….  Read More

Driving tests and refresher courses

December brings with it a change to the standard driving test, with it now including new sections such as using a satnav to reach a certain destination and testing different manoeuvres. Although change is always a bit of a shock for people, it is beneficial in a world where we rely more and more on ….  Read More

How to Get the Most Out of your Car

As an expensive piece of equipment, you will want to ensure you can get the very maximum out of your car in order to make sure it is worth the cost. If you are looking for ways to look after your car and make sure it continues to perform well, read on. Carry out regular ….  Read More

Effective Fleet Management – It’s No Easy Task

Fleet management is a large undertaking for any company. There are so many requirements to think about and there will definitely be aspects of fleet management you haven’t considered until you have to do it. Here are some tips to manage your fleet of vehicles effectively: Outsource fleet management. Designated car management companies will have ….  Read More

Should you Drive an Automatic Car?

An automatic car can be a great option for many drivers. It can be easier to drive one in some ways as you won’t have to control the gears yourself, giving you less to think about whilst driving. This means that it could be a good option for someone who is a nervous driver or ….  Read More