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Kia 2022 K5 – Sporty Sudan


The 2022 K5 brochure boast that it will completely transform your driving experience with its driver-orientated cockpit, advanced technology and turbocharged engine.  Its sleek body design and sporty front grill make this a car that will turn heads.  It is currently available in 8 colours 8 colour seat trims, so there is currently not a ….  Read More

Electric Cars: What You Should Know About Servicing


As a combustion engine is absent in fully electric cars, they require a different set of maintenance requirements and presumably fewer maintenance expenses. The items that would likely need maintenance, now and then are: • Tyres• Brakes• Lights• Wipers• Tracking• Suspension• Cabin air filter• High-efficiency particulate filter• Brake fluid• Air conditioning• Winter care Even these ….  Read More

Is a Hybrid Right for You?


Hybrid cars made their debut, in the UK, 20 years ago and yet you would still be in the majority of people who have never driven one. With legislation slowly cracking down on fuel emissions, some people are starting to wonder if now is the time to possibly switch to a hybrid. Here are a ….  Read More