Should you Claim on your Insurance for Car Damage?

By admin

Damage to your car will be covered by your insurance. This makes sure you can get anything you need to sorted out and will cover you for accidents (as long as you have fully comprehensive insurance and not just 3rd party). If damage occurs to your car, or you damage someone else’s, you need to think and talk carefully about whether you will claim on your insurance or not. Here are some of the things to think about:

  • How much would the damage cost to repair? If it is something small like a broken windscreen wiper or a wing mirror issue, you may want to pay for it yourself. This will prevent premium being put up due to a claim.
  • Is the damage to your car? If not, you are obliged to cover damage you have caused to another vehicle.
  • Is the car on a finance contract? If so, you will probably have to put all repairs through insurance.
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