Driverless cars – are they the future?

By David

Certainly the technology is already there, and a lot of it is creeping into your car without you really noticing it. Lane departure warning has been with us for years, so it’s no stretch to teach the car to steer you away from danger. Autonomous parking can take any fiddly manoeuvres right out of your hands. Most major manufacturers now have tested mules that can talk to each other and interact. You may have heard of the Google car – it’s a rapidly developing domain. Slowly the car is taking over more and more of our driving, until ultimately we will drive no more, except for entertainment, confined to enthusiasts on tracks. If you don’t control the car, you could simply order it to collect and deposit you at will, and pay on demand. As all the cars interact, you would always know exactly how long it would take you to get anywhere, because your journey would be planned with every other car in mind.

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