What happens when you take your car for service?

Let’s start with the fact that a service is not the same as your MOT. An MOT is a legal requirement. An MOT is a technical inspection looking at the safety of your car, it does not look at general wear and tear. This is where you need a service. In your car manual, your car manufacturer will have outlined checks that need to be done during the life of your car. 

There are three types of service. Interim, Full and Major

During an interim service, a mechanic will

  • Replace the oil and air filter
  • Check your car’s fluid levels (brake fluid, power steering fluid, engine oil. Antifreeze, screenwash and coolant), topping up where necessary
  • Check your brake pads and handbrake
  • Check your windscreen wipers, radiator and spark plugs

If you have an electric/hybrid vehicle, then the checks will be different. 

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