Electric Cars: What You Should Know About Servicing

As a combustion engine is absent in fully electric cars, they require a different set of maintenance requirements and presumably fewer maintenance expenses. The items that would likely need maintenance, now and then are:

• Tyres
• Brakes
• Lights
• Wipers
• Tracking
• Suspension
• Cabin air filter
• High-efficiency particulate filter
• Brake fluid
• Air conditioning
• Winter care

Even these items, at least for Teslas are said to be non-essential, even for maintaining the warranty. Additionally, brakes on an electric car typically last longer as well, due to regenerative braking that is used to top up the batteries. This saves on brake disc and pad use.

The other area of mention is the EV battery life and how long they hold up. Tesla electric cars have an eight year or 100,000-mile battery warranty and at least the Model 3 claims a minimum of 70 percent battery retention for that same amount of time. In comparison, Nissan Leaf owners that have owned the car nearly 10 years, report more than 90 percent battery capacity retention.

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