Car insurance auto renewal

Car insurance can be a huge cost for many motorists. If you are a young male with no no-claims-discount then you can often expect to pay the highest premium. Why you take out your car insurance, it often has a term that states the policy will automatically renew after 12 month, unless you contact them in advance. This is done to prevent people driving around with no insurance as you can still cancel within the 28 day cooling off period. The problem is not everyone is checking their renewal quotes to see if they are paying over the odds.  This can lead to people having to spend a lot more on their car insurance than they have to and with many companies competing for business, its often not hard to find a better deal. You may find that despite you having no claims or convictions your insurance company quotes you the same amount or often even more to renew, even if you have gained another years no claims. Insurance companies can make a lot of money on automatic renewals and so you do need to keep an eye on what’s happening. If you really want a great deal then it […]

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