Driving tests and refresher courses

December brings with it a change to the standard driving test, with it now including new sections such as using a satnav to reach a certain destination and testing different manoeuvres. Although change is always a bit of a shock for people, it is beneficial in a world where we rely more and more on technology. Drivers tend to pick up bad habits once passing their test, and with these new changes perhaps more people could be inspired to take refresher courses. They are often associated with people who have not driven in a long while or are getting older and want to make sure their skills are not falling behind, but they could be a good bonding opportunity for friends and family while making sure that they have maintained all of their abilities. People regularly joke about ‘back seat drivers’, where passengers readily criticise the driver for manoeuvres they feel could have been done better. A refresher course could be the perfect chance to prove who is best while making the roads a safer place. It could also provide an opportunity for people to learn more about basic car maintenance – something that many people forget until the little […]

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