How to Get the Most Out of your Car

As an expensive piece of equipment, you will want to ensure you can get the very maximum out of your car in order to make sure it is worth the cost. If you are looking for ways to look after your car and make sure it continues to perform well, read on. Carry out regular checks on your vehicle, especially before you go on a long journey. Look at the lights, check the oil levels and put in new screen wash. Check tyre pressure and ensure you don’t have any punctures. When you are driving your car, make sure you are a sensitive driver. Don’t rev the engine too hard and don’t force your gear stick into first gear too soon, as this can cause major friction within the gearbox. When you brake, try not to do it too harshly so as not to wear out your brake pads. Wherever possible, apply the brakes slowly and gently.

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