MOT information

Did you know that you can search and find current and previous MOT details online? Not many people realise that recently the government switched to online MOT checking meaning that anyone with the reg number and make of a car can find out if a vehicle passed or failed the previous MOT’s and also of any advisories. This can be really useful when it comes to buying a used car and can help you as a bargaining tool for getting the price down. Be wary of anyone selling a car that is not willing to give you the reg number initially as this may mean that they do not want you to carry out these checks, also if the seller tells you that there were no advisories and you find that there are, this should ring alarm bells. You can also check if a car is taxed and insured, as if a sellers is stating that they are still driving the vehicle but it is not showing as taxed or insured they may be lying.        

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