Scrapping your car

If the cost of repairing your car becomes more than the value of it then you may be faced with the idea of having to scrap the vehicle. Prices for scrap metal can vary from day to day, so a price you are offered may change if you check it again a week later. When considering scrapping your car, you may be able to make money if you strip the car down and sell the parts individually. You can often even make a profit (if you bought the car cheaply) by doing this but you need to make sure you have somewhere off road that you can store the vehicle and the time to do it. Some people are shocked to find that they are only offered £25 for their vehicle or even no money but a free collection service. With over 2 million cars scrapped every year in UK it is easy to see why they often do not fetch much when the market has a large supply of recycled metal already.

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