Demisting your car windows

There is something very frustrating about your car windows getting fogged up. It can happen at the worse time and can in fact be very dangerous. Ideally when you set of for a journey you should allow your car to run for some time with the heaters on to demist it, but if like my car it seems to quickly mist back up again when driving you may need to invest in a demisting spray. Many car stores and hardware shops sell demisting spray but it can be expensive, especially if you are having to use it every few days. You can actually make your own demisting spray based on a vinegar mixture but I would always suggest testing this on a small area first when you have the time to clean it off if needed before you drive. Don’t be tempted to use your hand to clean a fogged up window and you will find when it dries it leaves streaks which can really show up in the sun and affect your vision through the window screen.

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