Family car struggles

If you have more than two children you may have to consider getting a seven seater vehicle. Many people are put off with seven seater cars as the choice is limited substantially compared to buying a 5 seater car. Some families actually decide to have two cars and use them both when the whole family goes out, but this is not only impractical but also costs extra in terms of insurance, tax, mot’s, repairs, parking and fuel. You can now get some seven seater cars that are actually quite sporty. They offer the comfort and space that you need to seat your whole family whilst still maintaining an element of style. The Mercedes ML is a great example of this and with the added options of chrome bull bars and side steps you really can pimp your ride! Tinting the back windows and putting some nice alloys on can make a huge difference to the look of a car and does show that seven seaters do not have to be dull and boring.

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