Defrosting your car window screen

With winter fast approaching us (and many of us feeling like it is already upon us) it is soon going to be time to start thinking about defrosting your car in the mornings. For many of us, we simply do not have the time or secure place needed to start our car in advance and allow it to defrost naturally as the engine gets warmer therefore we need to find a safe and effective way of doing it. People often state that the quickest way is to pour boiling or hot water on to your window screen, and although this can clear a screen very quickly can also damage your screen causing it to crack. This is especially true if you have already got any chips on the screen. De-icer is a popular product used on screens which will melt away ice but may also require a little bit of scrapping too. This is one of the best ways to defrost a frozen screen but remember to allow enough time to do it and ideally wash your car off often as some people state that left on, it can damage paintwork.

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