Some of the best driver aids

All of the car manufactures are now getting on board with the competitive market of intuitive driver aids being added to their vehicles. These different aids are become more and more advanced as they ultimately set out to make driving easier and safer for all road users. Here’s a few top driver aids available in most new cars now that are becoming more popular amonst car buyers:- Lane assist – these set of a warning if you start to drift out of your lane on the motorway. Adaptive cruise control – this not only sets your car to drive at a selected speed but it also automatically slows the car down if something in front of the car is driving slower. When the road is clear again it will then automatically accelerate to the selected speed without you even touching the pedals. Parking and door sensors – the parking sensors give you warning of how close you are to surrounding objects as you reverse or drive into a space. The door sensors tell you if you will have enough room to easily open your door or if you are too close to the next car.

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