The all new Forfour Smart car

This new car ready for release from Smart is designed to comfortably fit four adults for short city trips and commuting. It is designed with the smart concept of small affordable cars that have low emissions and good levels of fuel consumption. The listed CO2 emissions for this car are 97g/km and the average fuel consumption is 67.3mpg. The car is quite compact however the space has been cleverly used with the engine in the rear of the car to allow a very small bonnet. There is still room however for a fairly sized boot (for this sized car) although you wouldn’t fit your weekly shop in there! The rear seats are cleverly designed to fold fully flat to give a large flat space available for use with one person in the car and extra luggage, shopping or awkward items. The rear 2 seats are fitted with ISOFIX as standard and are ideal for the carraige of 2 regular car seats, however making room for the buggy could be a problem! This compact little car really does do what it says on the tin, it’s a little cheap city run around and used in that way can be ideal.

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