Choosing the correct car seat for your child

Choosing a car seat can be quite daunting. You may not have hundreds to spend on one but obviously safety is must. My best advice to your when it comes to finding a car seat is to read reviews. You want to make sure that it is safe, easy to transport and easy to secure in to the vehicle. If the seat is going to be used in a newer vehicle you may have the option of choosing one that as an Isofix connection. This allows a base to stay secured in to the vehicle and then the car seat just clips on to it when required. These types of seats are also known for being excellent in terms of safety as the seat is essentially bolted to the chassis of the car rather than using a seat belt. Some car seats are better suited to different makes and model of car, a good retailer should suggest a seat based on the vehicle you have and may even offer to fit it in for you to show you how it works.

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