New Skoda Fabia Release

Skoda are due to release the new Fabia shortly with its newly modelled body shape making it wider and less tall in a bid to make it appeal to younger buyers. The previous model was not known for its great beauty and although improvements to the cars appearance have been made its still no prince charming! The new Fabia will include the latest range of VW engines starting with the 1 litre unit found in the VW Up, with 1.2 and 1.4 petrol options also likely to feature along with the new 1.4 TDI Diesel unit. The colour options are yet to be released but are likely to follow the other VW group cars. In keeping with recent trends, expect most models to feature Bluetooth and touch screens with Sat Nav included on upper trims. Overall an improved version of the Fabia that if you’re a fan of them should impress, however, is still a fairly boxy car that is certainly an acquired taste.

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