Preparing for a Long Drive

Not every place we want to get to his close to home, and if you’re driving the distance, then you should ideally prepare well. Driving for a long time can make you feel tired, meaning your reactions are not as quick and you’re not alert. To prevent this from happening you should have a good night’s sleep the night before you drive, meaning you feel fresh and prepared. Breakfast is important and it plays a part in waking you up and energising you for your long drive. If you’re travelling in the UK you’re likely to be spending most of your time on the motorway, and though they can be stressful when traffic build up, they’re ideal for stopping off, with many services every few miles or so. You should take advantage of these and perhaps half way through stop off for some food or just a little break. Before you set off on your travels it’s important to make sure you don’t forget anything, that way you won’t have to shuffle around whilst you’re driving to look for items. Vital Car Checks Check water, oil and petrol levels (top up if required) Check lights are working correctly; headlights, sidelights, […]

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