Winter Tyres – Are they Worth It?

By David

Winter tyres can be an excellent way to help you with your driving during the colder weather. However, many people question whether it is really worth it. Winter tyres can be an additional cost when owning and running a car is already pricey, and it might all seem like it’s just a little bit too much effort. Here are some of the things to think about when deciding what you should do:

  • Do you live in a particularly cold area? If you live somewhere in the UK which is particularly prone to low temperatures, you might benefit from winter tyres more than others. You will get lots of use out of them if it’s regularly below 0°.
  • Are the roads gritted regularly? It’s likely that the roads will be gritted more often in towns and cities where there is heavier traffic. If you live further out in the countryside, winter tyres could serve you well on narrow country roads.
  • Do you have appropriate storage? Winter tyres can’t be used all year round as they will wear out more quickly in the summer. It’s easiest if you have a shed or garage where you can store the tyres whilst you’re not using them. Otherwise, you might need to pay to store them elsewhere.
  • Are you able to fit the tyres yourself? If you can’t, this could be where it starts to get very expensive as you will be paying for labour.
  • Can you feel the benefit? If you’ve never tried winter tyres before, it might be worth getting them this winter and seeing how they affect your driving. If you feel a distinct benefit, it’s worth it for you confidence and peace of mind.
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