Why Choose Premium Tyres?

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Premium Tyres literally make your vehicle “run”. They are an essential component in providing balance and a smooth drive to you. They are important in maintaining the full functional efficiency of your vehicle and keep you and the vehicle safe.

Premium tyres – importance

Usually, vehicle owners tend to neglect the importance of premium level tyres for the low cost benefits of budget tyres. When buying new tyres, people are tempted to go for the cheaper tyres which are cost effective for them. But these tyres can experience more wear and frequently need replacements when compared to premium tyres.

The safety provided by budget tyres is adequate and premium tyres from brands such as Bridgestone, Pirelli and so on may be pretty expensive, but that is because these companies have usually invested in more research and development, and are guaranteed to provide you with the highest standards of performance and safety. These tyres can also come with different options for financing which can also be availed for a tyre replacement.

Should you replace tyres?

You have to regularly check the tyre condition, and especially so if you use the vehicle very often and trough roads full of pot holes. Difficult roads can be the bane of cheap tyres. You can check if your vehicle’s tyres need replacement by looking for splits, cracks, or bulges. Apart from being unsafe, this also negatively affects the efficiency, thereby increasing fuel consumption.

Advantages of premium tyres

Premium tyre brands such as Pirelli and Bridgestone pay a lot of attention to all aspect of the tyres ranging from the selection of raw materials, to the testing process involved for the tyres. The higher costs of these tyres are totally justified by the assurances of performance, quality, and safety given by these tyres. Premium tyres have higher grade materials which provide greater wear resistance. As such, these tyres show exceptional performance and durability even in bad weather or road conditions.

Winter tyres

Winter presents new challenges for your vehicle tyres. The tyres have to fight with difficult road conditions such as slippery ice or outright snowy floor. Manufacturers such as Bridgestone have launched premium tyres that are specifically made for places that experience snow fall. These products are meant to overcome two major challenges faced by tyres on difficult, snowy or icy roads: skidding on the slippery surfaces and the amount of distance the vehicle travels before it stops since the brakes have been applied.


Premium tyres come with latest innovation in technology. The manufacturers are constantly working on better technologies that add value to the tyres. The larger corporations have the resources and inclination to work on bettering their products, and they constantly innovate and improve tyres. New technologies can be seen in premium tyres that make the driving experience safer and more rewarding.

Though budget tyres are very low priced and can do the work, they may compromise on the performance of the vehicle. You should always opt for premium tyres, and especially so in the case of places where the weather can turn extreme, or if the roads aren’t in the best condition.

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