Saving a bundle with part worn tyres

By David

Part worn tyres can be a great way to change your tyres, keeping your car legal without having to spend hundreds of pounds. When looking at vehicle safety, tyres play a massive part. Badly worn or damaged tyres can easily cause a skid or blow out which can cause fatal accidents.

New tyres range drastically in price depending on what make and size you want and often people go for budget tyres as they simply cannot afford the higher priced mid range or top range tyres. With part worns you can have the best of both. You can chose to have a better brand of tyre, with a minimum of 3mm of tread on them for often less than half the price of the same tyre new.

Some part worn tyre companies will even buy your old tyres off you, so if you have one or more tyres with over 3mm of tread but wish to upgrade to a better brand then why not enquire about them buying your old ones back off you?

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