Replacing your window screen wiper blades

By David

If you are driving in the rain and put your window screen wipers on you may find that it does not clear the rain off and just ends up smearing it across the screen. This can not only be annoying but also very dangerous. Many car accidents happen each year from inadequate wiper blades, and this can be easily avoided. Car wiper blades cost as little as £5, a small price to pay for safety. When your car goes in for an Mot, the wiper blades will be checked, but you should not necessarily leave it until then to find out if they need replacing. Most are very easy to fit, but if you do struggle then you could always take it to a garage to ask them to swap them over for you. Don’t let your car fall in to disrepair, try to take responsibility for the safety of the vehicle yourself.

 Category: car accessories