Must have Winter Car Equipment

By admin

Preparing your car for winter is fundamental, especially if you’re going to be on the road a lot. There are a few pieces of equipment you will need to be fully prepared for winter, and we’re providing a list below:

Anti-freeze – This is important to be placed into your windscreen reservoir and your coolant. It’s extremely cheap to purchase and it can save you a great deal in repairs for cracked engine blocks.

De-Icer – This really is a must have if you want to set off in a hurry. Using a de-icer with a scraper is the best way of clearing your icy windscreen. It means you won’t have to start driving your car whilst looking through a tiny hole surrounded by ice.

Scraper – Along with the de-icer it’s a must. Today there really is no better device for clearing your windscreen. You can even buy scrapers that are heated and plug into your cigarette output.

Cigarette Lighter – No we do not mean the one in your car, we mean a typical standard cigarette lighter, even if you don’t smoke. Why? Because it may be required for your frozen lock. Blowing on a lock will not work because the moisture will freeze, but by warming your lock with a lighter, it can become functional again.


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