Must Have In-car Items

By admin

Cars become a big part of a driver’s life. It’s not just a vehicle that gets them from A to B, it’s also a place where they may spend a significant amount of time, and there are quite a few items you should keep in your car, in case of emergencies.

  • A spare tyre is top of the list, and you can get a puncture at any point; it only requires poor luck or bad judgement and your tyre could be as flat as a pancake.
  • Jump Leads always come in handy, and if you’re battery has decided to be a pain, then it usually doesn’t take a long time to get the car going with some jump leads and another vehicle.
  • WD40 always comes in handy for cars. There may be plenty of rusty bolts you want to get off, of parts that need loosening safely, and WD40 can be your best friend in that department.
  • In the winter you should always have a scraper, de-icer and antifreeze is not always a must, but a scraper is and it can save you from needing to warm up your car, meaning less fuel is being used.
  • A big bottle of water. Any typical 2 litre bottle filled with water can be excellent for emergencies. If you’re running out of coolant, or you need to fill up your windscreen reservoir because of a smeared windscreen, then a big bottle of water is going to be seriously handy, and it can at least help you make it to a nearby garage without having to call a recovery line.
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