Looking after your leather interior

By David

A leather interior is a desirable feature on a car as it adds a bit of luxury to every journey. However, because leather is a natural material, it requires a bit more care than regular car upholstery as the oils in the leather can dry overtime, potentially leading to cracking. There are plenty of good leather care products on the market and the care regime is quite straight forward.

First off, use a soft brush and vacuum to remove dirt from the seams and crevices of the seats, being careful not to scratch the leather. Apply a leather cleaner to the seats and clean thoroughly and wipe of the residue with a clean, damp cloth. Dry the seats with a microfibre cloth, paying attention to the seams.

When the seats are dry, applying a leather care balm will replenish any lost oils and rejuvenate the leather. The final job is to buff the leather with a dry microfibre cloth.

 Category: car accessories