Honda Civic or Volkswagen Golf

By admin

These are two of the most popular and safest hatchbacks on the market. They come with various versions, and similar engine sizes, typically around the 1.6 – 1.8 mark. We see many Civics and Golf’s on our road.

These cars are often compared and even in terms of insurance they are similar, but quite pricey for young drivers. Unlike the civic the golf hasn’t changed much in style, and it is instantly recognisable, standing out from other cars.

It’s fair to say that Volkswagen is more reliable in terms of finding car parts. There are many more Volkswagen car parts at reasonable prices in scrap yards and garage, and because they haven’t changed much over time, parts tend to be the same.

Honda is a less popular manufacturer in the UK but the cars they make are still extremely popular and the civic is probably their most popular vehicle. Both prices for the Golf and Civic from new for a standard car is around the £16000 mark but we would choose the Golf for its greater reliability.

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