Hands free kits for your car

By David

Driving whilst holding a mobile phone is illegal, but many of us (especially reps out on the road) need to use a phone from time to time to make or receive a call. The only way to do this legally is to use a hands free kit. Previously hands free kits were quite expensive, but recently there has been a massive influx in to the market of cheaper hands free kits. You no longer have to worry about taking your car to a specialist audio centre to have one installed. There is a wide range of different sorts of hands free kits that work in different ways. You can chose to buy a car stereo with blue tooth built in and connect your phone to it, meaning that you can speak and listen to calls through your speakers. There are also some that use a radio frequency in the car to allow connection to your phone. Other n car holders have an aux lead that can be plugged in to your phone to allow the sound to come through the vehicle. Some of these devices costs as little as £5 so there really is no reason not to use one.

 Category: car accessories