Effective Fleet Management – It’s No Easy Task

By admin

Fleet management is a large undertaking for any company. There are so many requirements to think about and there will definitely be aspects of fleet management you haven’t considered until you have to do it. Here are some tips to manage your fleet of vehicles effectively:

  • Outsource fleet management. Designated car management companies will have software and resources that would cost you far too much to invest in yourself.
  • Make fleet management someone’s role. If you do manage vehicles in house, it should be a dedicated position. Even if you use an agency, give them one point of contact within your company.
  • Keep track of your vehicles. Know mileage, know who has which vehicles and know of any damage caused. Address all issues promptly – members of staff should never be driving damaged or dangerous vehicles.
  • Give all staff the resources they need. They should have emergency contact numbers and all the booklets and documentation they need.
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