Driving economically

By admin

Christmas is a tough time financially, and to save costs on your fuel, we’re providing youn with a few tips. Petrol and diesel is pricey, there’s no doubt about it, but there are a few steps that can make your fuel go a long way.

Save battery life – Your battery is powered by the fuel pumping through your vehicle, that’s why they rarely die, especially if you’re driving frequently. By switching off heating (if possible), cd player, air con and chargers you’re able to use less battery power and ultimately less fuel.

Drive in high gears – Not many people realise just how beneficial it can be to get into high gears early. For example if you often drive in 3rd gear at 30mph, then you should switch to 4th gear. Or if you rev through the gears significantly change up early and use less fuel.

Avoid sharp breaking. You can now be penalised for tailgating and if that doesn’t stop you, then the costs can. By leaving your distance you can keep a steady speed, and not have to break, go down to low gears and rev up again.

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